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 Bombay Glaze – Innovative façade engineering



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Mukesh. Pillai.

Founder, bombay glaze


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Our Work

Products we offer

  • Structural Glazing; Four Side

    Each panel is glued with structural silicone to the base frame in a unique attachment process. This is suspended by means of mechanical support at every transom. Our Glazing System performs well against sound, heat, air and water. This provides for a smooth facade with no visible divisions on the outer surface. Properly installed, the system provides a leak-free performance by never allowing water or air to enter the system.

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  • Structural Glazing; Two Side

    This is a combination of the conventional aluminium cover profile on two opposite sides of the glass panel with frame-less structural portions of glazing. These profiles are available in many off-the-shelf shapes as well as in custom-made mode to provide better appearance for each elevation. Each glass panel is glued with structural silicone to the base frame in a unique process. This is suspended by means of mechanical support at every transom.

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  • Curtain Wall System

    This is a conventional aluminium cover profile (pressure plate) that frames the glass panel from all its four sides at elevation. The profiles used in external facades are available in a wide range of shapes and colour combinations. An optional spandrel panel is also available with 6mm thickness of approved heat shade.

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  • Patch Fitting Glass System

    This system provides for frameless member system. It combines specially processed toughened glass panes, bolted together at the corners with metal patch fittings available in various colours to suit the elevation. The panel-to-panel joints are sealed with a silicone sealant. Patch fitting glasses have a limitation of height.

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  • Spider Fitting Glass System

    Spider glass system offers total frameless glass vision without obstruction, yet providing the freedom of creativity with the latest spider technology. It has no height limitations as well. The panel-to-panel joints are sealed with a clear silicone sealant. With a countersunk bolt fixing system designed to support the weight of the glass, each panel is anchored separately by means of a weight bearing bolt that is inserted from the bush through a hole in the glass to the super structure. It can be incorporated in single and double glazed units.

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  • Aluminium Composite Panels

    These are innovative products, manufactured using high-end technology and state-of-art equipment. They are produced from high performance aluminium coils, coated with premium fluoropolymer or polyester and laminated with thermoplastic. The composite panels are used for architectural curtain walls, column covers, ceilings, fascia, partitions, cladding, beam wraps, signage and interior decoration. We also offer various application methods and installation formats like stick system, curtain cladding systems, tray system, bend to your base radius, etc.

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  • Laminate Wood Sheet Cladding

    These are decorative high-pressure compact laminates with thicknesses of 6 mm or greater for outdoor applications. Such sheets consists layers of wood-based fibers (paper and/or wood) impregnated with thermosetting resins and surface layer(s) on one or both sides, having decorative colours or designs. A transparent topcoat is added to the surface layer(s) and cured by Trespa’s unique in-house technology Electron Beam Curing, to enhance weather and light protecting properties. These components are bonded together with simultaneous application of heat (≥ 150° C) and high specific pressure (> 7 Mpa) to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density and integral decorative surface. When they are self-supporting, exterior-grade compact laminates are ready for installation and only require cutting to size, drilling, etc. to suit the application. Different systems are designed to clad them on wall or structure.

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  • Dry Cladding/Stone Cladding

    These are a safer version of wet cladding, rather technical innovation to convention beauty of stone cladding. Stone covering has always given buildings a royal touch, and to maintain this conventional touch scientifically, there are innovations done in stone cladding/dry cladding. High grade SS clamps and other strong hardware are used to fix the stone, to make it technically right. We have a specialized technical team, dedicated for this job for various clients to make sure beauty and strength are rightly balanced ad maintained.

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What we do

360° solutions in FACADE: Aluminium & Glass Fabrication

Our expertise lies in the fabrication of ACPSpider GlazingStone Cladding, Polycarbonate RoofingPatch Fittings and all kinds of Glass Work, just to name a few. With several renowned projects added to our ranks and many happy clients, we’ve consistently delivered ‘quality and innovative solutions’ in the most cost-effective manner to ensure maximum value for our customers.

  1. Cladding Exterior Sheets
  2. Glazing Glass Art
  3. Stone Cladding – Dry Cladding
  4. HPL & Metal Mesh Cladding System
  5. Modular Glazing System (MGS)

1. Cladding Exterior Sheets

We design and install exterior grade sheets such as

  • Aluminium Composite Panel – ACP
  • Imported Laminated sheet – lead certified product
  • Various kinds of metal sheet installation – aluminum sheets, copper sheets, zinc sheets, etc.

We can also design various patterns to fix cladding material, customize it as per look and architectural needs, install sheet thickness from 3mm to 15mm, beautify it and make it leakage proof as per requirement.

2. Glazing Glass Art

We install all kind of glass – float, toughen, laminated, SGU, DGU, and can customize various patterns to fix glasses including bend, as per looks and architectural need.

Other offerings:

  • Curtain Wall Glass with heavy section to withstand load between slabs.
  • Glazing with spider fittings
  • Installations at Façade as well as at a Dome.

3. Stone Cladding – Dry Cladding

We undertake customization of clamp to suit the needs of the client, while taking into consideration the architectural requirements with the help of meticulous technical designs. We provide installation of all kinds of stone, marble and granite. We also make sure to self design the clamps or use only those which are made of HILTI.

Other offerings:

  • Stone cladding system to clad exterior as well as interior wall with SS/MS clamps to give a durable finish.
  • Glazing with SS clamp/MS clamp
  • Installations at Façade/Wall, Column and Interior Wall

4. HPL & Metal Mesh Cladding System

We craft designs with special wooden finish that jump off the conventional turf. You also provide Design and Installation of High Pressure Laminated Boards and imported metal mesh of aluminum made with high end profile cut.

  • HPL cladding and/or Metal Mesh for giving a new architectural view to commercial and high end residential buildings
  • Cladding system – approved by a top manufacturer from Spain
  • Installations at Façade and Interior walls.

Other offerings:

5. Modular Glazing System (MGS)

After understanding the limitation at a site, we propose to make Modular Glazing System for our clients. MGS glasses are readily available at our workshop and are dispatched at site only for fixing.

What’s the process?

Once we get a confirmation of the work order and clearance of scope, we take around 10 days to arrange the inventories at your site, starting work on the 11th day and completing each floor in 3-5 days.


  • Saves time and reduces effort.
  • Requires minimum coordinating time and co-ordination points.
  • Ensure undamaged material at site, in knock down stage.
  • Maintained standards with proper quality check.
  • Integration of Heavy Duty Machine cutting to get high quality cutting edges.

Sizes available

  • 1620mmx1140mm in Glass in MGS,
  • 1220mm x 1220mm/1525mm/2440mm/3660mm in MACP

360° solutions for all kind of fabrications
At bombay glaze, we believe in adapting different kinds of fixing systems to improve technical strength and provide our customers with robust and cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission
To perform and consistently deliver “quality products and innovative service” at a cost advantage to ensure maximum value to our clients.

Our Vision
To become a world leader in providing the best FAÇADE: Aluminium and Glass Fabrication solutions to our clients. To achieve excellence in providing service via seamless execution by being committed towards our goals and pooling our resources to create a synergy between talent and skill management.

We innovate, improvise and streamline our process to leverage our functioning, to make sure every task is completed on time. We strive to constantly update ourselves and be well versed with new technology to implement it at each touch point in our field of operations with the help of highly skilled personnel. Thus delivering results on time and ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients by providing quality output and support.

Our core strength lies in ACP cladding with various fixing systems, Stone Cladding, different types of Metal Cladding, Structural Glazing systems, Railing, Spider Fitting, Patch Fitting, Windows, Partitions, Doors, Glass Skylights, Glass / Polycarbonate Roofing and more. This categorizes us a “Holistic Solution” for all kind of fabrications.

Our Trusted Architects

  • Arc. Anup Lalwani – COBOL
  • Arc. Ravi Kadam – INTERGRID DESIGN
  • Arc. Minal Narekar – INTERGRID DESIGN
  • Arc. Gajesh B – MUMBAI
  • Arc. Pranav Iyer – Pune
  • Arc. Avinash Nawathe – Pune
  • Arc. Megha Jain – PG PATKI – MUMBAI

Our Workforce


We have 3 highly experienced directors in the field of management, having rich knowledge in the field of facade engineering, who are all good technically as well as academically.


4 Technical Heads with over 4 years of experience in handling technical and drawing aspects of curtain wall, semi unitized glazing, stick glazing ACP cladding, spider, patch, MS fabrications, etc.

Sales & Marketing

3 Personnel deployed with 4 years of experience in handling sales and marketing aspects of glazing, cladding, MS fabrications, etc.

In House Labour Team

25 + highly skilled labourers exclusively trained by Bombay Glaze for all specialized cladding and glazing work.

Labour Contractors

A team of 15 + Labour Contractors with a total of more than 150 labourers under them.

Where we operate